Nestled at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, the town is the base from which tourists climb Kilimanjaro. There are a wide range of hotels and guest houses in Moshi town as well as many excellent restaurants offering traditional and international food.

Moshi is also the main Coffee producing area in Tanzania with vast plantations along the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro Coffee is a distinctive washed Arabica finely balanced and prized for its balance and flavour. It is unique due to the mountain’s volcanic soils. Visitors can visit the coffee plantations for guided tours or stay overnight with farmers and learn about organic and fair trade coffee processing.

There are also many cultural tourism visits available near Moshi. Rau Eco And Cultural Tourism – the people of Rau Forest area organize Nature walks, bird watching, a local lunch and visits to the local markets in Moshi town. Another must see tourist attraction is Olpopongi” Maasai Cultural Village & Museum – the first authentic Maasai Boma with Maasai-Museum & overnight facilities in Tanzania. “Olpopongi” provides a unique Maasai & Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand; Just 74 km from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha.

No visit to Moshi is complete without enjoying a cup of coffee at the famous Union Café owned by The Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union which represents tens of thousands of small holding coffee farmers. Their Kahawa Shamba coffee tour experience offers overnight stays with farmers and to learn about the interesting history of the Chagga people and their traditional farming methods. They also offer hiking tours to the mysterious Chagga caves or visit to a banana beer shop to experience how the Wachagga have been making a special brew from bananas and millet known as “Mbege”.