Lake Victoria Circuit


The Park offers a unique wilderness experience. Chimpanzees are the main attraction and visitors can take part in a unique Chimpanzee habituation experience. A water wonderland comprising Rubondo Island and nine smaller islands tucked into a corner of Lake Victoria north-west of Mwanza. The park provides a variety of habitats ranging from savannah to open woodland, dense forest, papyrus swamps and sandy beaches. There is also a wide variety of animals including bushbuck, crocodile, elephant, genet, giraffe, hippo, mongoose, vervet monkey and the reclusive sitatunga. The birdlife is unique with bee eaters, fish eagle, grey parrot, heron, ibis, malachite kingfishers, paradise flycatchers, spoon-billed and saddle-billed stork flocking to ‘Bird Island’ to breed. The Iconic Nile Perch is a prime catch for Fisherman.

Getting there: By air from Arusha or Mwanza. Or by road from Mwanza and then a boat transfer.


One of the new Parks In the Lake Victoria region it is full of lakes, swamps and a wide diversity of habitats and beautiful scenery. The Miombo woodlands are home to Buffalo, elephant, giraffe and many bird species. Other activities include hiking, sport fishing, water sports and cultural tours.

Getting there: By charter flight from Mwanza, Arusha or Dar or by boat or road.


Ibanda Kyerwa

The only park in Tanzania bordered by two countries Uganda & Rwanda. The park is home to buffalo, leopard, hippo, and sitatunga and reedbuck. Activities include night time game drives, walking & fishing.

Getting there: By air from Mwanza or by road from Bukoba.


This new Park offers equatorial forests, lush escarpments and has over 175 species of birds. The wetlands area is home to water birds the sitatunga and crocodiles. The Park boasts large concentrations of eland, waterbuck, roan and buffalo.

Getting there: By air from Chato International Airport or Mwanza or by road from Bukoba.


Saanane Island in Lake Victoria is the smallest national Park in East Africa covering an area of only 2.18 Saanane is currently home to agama lizards, clawless otter, crocodile, impala, monitor lizard, python, rock hyrax, tortoise, vervet and de brazza monkey, and wild cat but there are plans to introduce new species such as dik-dik, grant’s gazelle, klipspringer and zebra. Over 40 type of resident and migratory birds may be seen.

Getting there: By air to Mwanza and then by boat.