Meet The People

The Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme

Seven New Cultural Tourism enterprises include:

Amani Cultural Tourism:

Located in Arusha region, Amani Cultural Tourism offers incredible opportunity to explore culture and lifestyle of Wameru tribe through rural cycling tours, visiting coffee farms, guided market visits, waterfalls and forest hikes. If you are looking for a place to acclimatize before climbing Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru this is a place to go. Their tailor made hiking tour to explore Mt. Meru Nature forest will take you to enjoy crispy fresh air while learning about community conservation projects. Located 4 kms off Moshi Arusha highway and 35 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Mkuu Cultural TourismEnterprise:

Looking for a place to explore before your climb to Mount Kilimanjaro? The friendly Chagga People welcome visitors to their beautiful village lying between the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaoro and Lake Challa for cultural experiences. Mkuu Cultural Tourism Programme offers coffee experience, village cultural tours, visits to Lake Challa, preparation and tasting of local chagga foods, Chagga traditional dance and homestay experience. Located 61 km from Moshi town to Mkuu Rombo District.

Hanag Cultural Tourism

Founded and managed by Barabaig people, the group offers visitors authentic rural African life experience including scenic Mount Hanang trekking tour, hikes in the natural forests rich with endemic flora and fauna. The Barabaig people offer traditional life experience, visiting the Iraqw tribe families as well as the blacksmith of the area. Hanang Cultural Tourism promotes sustainable tourism for community development and natural resource conservation for Mount Hanang. Located 68 km from Babati, Manyara Region.

Magamba Eco And Cultural Tourism

Tourist can enjoy a half day or full day village and farming tour, learn about the culture of Sambaa people who live in Usambara Mountains. For Botanist and Nature lovers Magamba forest hiking offers the best option to explore nature, learn about the unique species of plants and animals found in Usambara Mountains. Located 12 km from Lushoto Town, Tanga Region.

Pugu Hill Cultural Tourism

Pugu village offers the best cultural and nature experience for the weekend gate away given its proximity to Dar-es-Salaam city. The village is home to the indigenous Zaramo ethnic tribe lying on the Swahili Coast of the Indian Ocean. Meet and interact with local Wazaramo, taste Swahili food and even meet with the traditional healer or participate in cattle herding. A hike to the Pugu Hill natural forest is rewarding. Located 25 km from Dar-es-Salaam

Mama Shoo Cultural Tourism

The Cultural Tourism Programme here organises one of the best local Batiki making experiences, painting lessons with local women from the village. Visitors can take a day out in the village to interact with local farmers for coffee experience, participate in community tree planting projects. Enjoy delicious local foods and drinks made by the mamas while listening to the history of the Chagga people. Their homestay programme offers a unique opportunity for visitors to spend a night in a local home. Located at Maili Sita-Mnadani village, 12.5 km from Moshi Town.

Mama Mary Cultural Tourism

Mama Mary’s Cultural Tourism is an evergreen oasis where you can experience a mix of cultural activities in a scenic environment. Surrounded with beautiful flowers and vegetation, Mama Mary offer guest a unique opportunity to learn about local Wameeru tribe, their foods, Medicinal uses of different plants in her beautiful home garden. Extend your adventure to the nearby local market, mingle with local coffee farmers and visit local community development projects. Her comfortable homestay programme offers the best option for overnight stay with a local family. Located 9 km from Arusha City.