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Lunch on Kilimanjaro at 3400 meters. Exciting new Day-trip from KiliVilla

A one day trip from Kili Villa to the Shira plateau at 3400 meters with a comfortable 4×4 car. The Londorosi gate is already at 2,250 meters. Your Guide will complete all the formalities and your further ascend with a 4×4 car to the Shira plateau will continue.

Until Morum Barrier and the Parking Area on the Shira Plateau it is about 12 km. This is the highest point to which you can drive by car. The road goes steadily uphill reaching 3400 meters. The higher you go, the more the vegetation changes. You might see the famous colobus monkey, bush elephants, giraffes or a heard of buffalos. Once you reach the Shira plateau with the 4×4 car there are various hikes that can be done. Your guide will join you. Or just relax, enjoy the view and your picnic lunch. This trip can also be done as a 2 or 3 day trip with a stay at the private Ndarakwai Lodge with game drives on their private 11.000 acres ranch with abundant wildlife.  

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