Improving security for tourists

Source: IPP Media

In a boost to the country spiralling tourist industry, a new reports has said regulatory reforms and change of stakeholders’ mindsets, have improved safety and security of tourists.

According to a Tourists’ Safety and Security in Tanzania Project co-implemented by the Tanzania Association of Tourism Operators (TATO) and the Police Force report, the government has undertaken several regulatory reforms leading to improved security.

“Besides the regulatory reforms, there has been a significant shift in the mind-set of all participating actors hence the improved environment,” said Emmanuel Sulle and Wilbard Mkama, co-authors of the TATO commissioned report which was financed by the BEST-Dialogue.

The country which has witnessed tourist numbers increase from slightly over a million two years ago to nearly 1.5 million last year with $2.4 billion in earnings annually, has seen the government through the Police Force and Auxiliary Services Act of 2002, establish a central mandate of tourist security.

Thanks to the institutional reform, in 2013/14, the regulation was used to establish the diplomatic and tourism police unit responsible for the security of tourist’s diplomats visiting the country. The reforms also saw the creation of National Tourism Commissioner ‘s posts at the Force’s headquarters and at regional levels.