Fly Green, Fly Coastal.“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

By Dixita Patel, Coastal Aviation (Sourced ATTA)

Airlines have a massive responsibility towards the environment and behaving more responsibly. That dawning reality has reached us at Coastal and we are proud to make commitments to commence our journey to go green, by adopting Eco-friendly habits that will hopefully result in a more positive impact to our environment and reduce harm to our planet:

  1. CO2 Emissions Offset: Coastal is partnering with Carbon Tanzania so our passengers can offset their Carbon Emission and help balance the emissions from that flight.
  2. Sustainable Tourism:
    1. Coastal has also partnered with The Kilimanjaro Project – a project committed to re-greening the foothills around Mount Kilimanjaro, with the slogan Tuje Pamoja (Swahili for “let’s all come together”).
    2. WildAid completes the trio of strategic partners, in the protection and prevention of illegal wildlife trade/poaching.
  3. Reduced Plastic Usage: Coastal is planning to dramatically reduce the usage of single-use plastic water bottles on its aircraft. With effect from 01 August 2019, we will stop offering water bottles to our customers. Instead, we will provide water coolers for Coastal passengers to fill/refill at all of our hub airports (Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar). At those airports, metal water bottles will also be available for sale.

    We would though appreciate your support in the bush and remote airstrips, where the infrastructure is limited. Please encourage all our customers to recharge their bottles, before leaving their lodge/hotel.

    All that said, we will though continue to hold emergency supplies of water onboard the aircraft.