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Selling Tanzania brochure
Selling Tanzania brochure
Elephant and rhino populations in Tanzania have begun to rebound after a government crackdown dismantled organised criminal networks involved in industrial-scale poaching, the country's presidency said.
Elephant populations have increased from 43 330 in 2014 to over 60 000 presently, " the presidency said in a statement late on Tuesday.
The number of rhino, an endangered species, had increased from just 15 to 167 over the past four years, it said.
The elephant population in Tanzania, famed for its wildlife reserves, shrank from 110 000 in 2009 to little more than 43 000 in 2014, according to a 2015 census, with conservation groups blaming rampant poaching.
Demand for ivory from Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, where it is turned into jewels and ornaments, has led to a surge in poaching across Africa.
Tourism is the main source of hard currency in Tanzania, which is renowned for its wildlife safaris, Indian Ocean beaches and Mount Kilimanjaro.
The presidency said revenues from tourism were $2.5bn last year, up from $1.9bn in 2015.
It said Tanzania had set aside 32% of its total land area for conservation activities and dismissed criticism from environmentalists about a $3bn hydropower dam project in the Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Selling Tanzania brochure
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More from the exciting social media workshop this morning. Thanks to all involved for a great presentation.
Selling Tanzania brochure
Selling Tanzania brochure
What Makes Tanzanian Coffee So Good?
After arriving into Tanzania for your safari, Kilimanjaro trek or Zanzibar getaway, you will most likely travel through coffee plantations at some point. These rolling green fields boast broad-leafed plants extending as far as the eye can see.

Article: www.easytravel.co.tz/best-coffee-in-world-tanzania/

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Selling Tanzania brochure
Selling Tanzania brochure
New all day menus at Sanctuary Retreats lodges and camps
By *Marketing Team, Sanctuary Retreats

Afternoon tea and pre-dinner snacks are no longer offered in our camps and lodges. However, a fabulous new all-day snack menu has been introduced, except for at Sanctuary Kichakani and Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp, where the menu will be implemented in October, following chef training. Each of our snack menus are unique, offering an array of delicious delights. Guests can enjoy options such as, a beef, pear, gorgonzola and artichoke heart salad. Or, for the sweeter palate, options such as freshly sliced fruits with chefs’ cookies or ice cream.
Selling Tanzania brochure
Selling Tanzania brochure
Serengeti wildebeest migration
The great Serengeti wildebeest migration is the movement of vast numbers of the Serengeti's wildebeest, accompanied by large numbers of zebra, and smaller numbers of Grant's gazelle, Thomson's gazelle, eland and impala. These move in an annual pattern which is fairly predictable. They migrating throughout the year, constantly seeking fresh grazing and, it's now thought, better quality water. The precise timing of the Serengeti wildebeest migration is entirely dependent upon the rainfall patterns each year.

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Selling Tanzania brochure
Selling Tanzania brochure
Due to the current patterns of the Great Migration in the Northern Serengeti, Lemala Camps and Lodges will be opening LEMALA MARA from the 1st June 2020, a month earlier than normal. Please keep in mind when you are looking at Safaris for 2020, that the camp will be open a month earlier than it has been in the past.

Some of you have voiced concern over the camp's current location for 2019. We would like to advise you that we are in talks with TANAPA to relocate back to the Kogatende side, south of the Mara River. Whilst discussions are ongoing we are unable to confirm the exact location and coordinates of Lemala Mara opening on 1st June 2020. Our discussions with TANAPA have been positive and we fully anticipate that we will be south of the Mara River in 2020.

We will keep you updated whilst the discussions progress. Please watch this space and we shall be in touch!

Please let us know if you have any questions, we’re always very happy to help.

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