Experts see slight increase in endangered long-billed birds in Amani

Source: IPP Media

Scientists who for over a decade, been taking measures to save an endangered bird species, Long-billed Forest-warbler are reporting progress in its numbers after intervention to restore the species natural habitat.

The scientists from Nature Tanzania and Tanzania Forest Conservation Group are saying the Long-billed Tailor bird which is only available in Tanzania in the East Africa region, has its numbers increased from between 150 and 200 individuals available in 2000 to 250 and 300 after intervention.

“The birds are responding well to the intervention to restore their natural habitat following deforestation and an invasive species of trees imported from Uganda,” said Nature Tanzania’s Project Manager, Victor Mkongewa said last week.

Mkongewa said with funding from Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, the 14 month project has witnessed significant progress from local communities involved to restore the Tailor bird’s natural habitat at Amani Nature Reserve in Muheza district of Tanga region.