Eco Tourism in Tanzania’s Forests

Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) is a semi-autonomous government Executive Agency. The Agency is mandated to sustainably undertake conservation, development and utilization of national forest and bee resources so that they contribute to the social, economic, ecological and cultural needs of present and future generations.

Tanzania Is blessed with a wide variety of natural forests which are ideal for eco-tourism activities.


Eastern Arc

The Eastern Arc Mountains are a chain of ancient forested mountains stretching across Tanzania. Many unique species thrive in these isolated areas including over 500 plant species. The Arc is considered one of the planet’s most important Biodiversity hotspots.

Mkingu Nature Reserve

In the South Nguru Mountains it is in an area of dense mountain forest with dramatic viewpoints. The forest is home many animal species including Black and white Colobus monkeys, Mountain Gallegos and black and rufous elephant shrews. For bird watchers the reserve offers a chance to see 215 bird species including the rare Moreau’s sunbird and the banded Green Sunbird. Two Nature Trails are offered with local guides. Simple guest houses and one basic Camp site are available.

Located in the central area of Tanzania off the road from Morogoro to Dodoma.

Uluguru Nature Forest Reserve

(Home of The Uluguru Bush shrike) The Uluguru Mountains are situated in the Eastern part of Tanzania about 200km from Dar es Salaam on the highway to Mbeya. The Ulugurus are a renowned international bird watching are and include a number of special sites including sacred forests, summits, waterfalls and beautiful viewpoints. The
sacred forests are used by the local communities for traditional worshipping and ancient rituals.

Eco tourism activities include hikes yo Lupanga Peak and Hululu waterfalls, camping and cultural excursions to learn about Luguru traditions, sample traditional foods and meet a traditional healer.

The Bunduki Camp site and rest house is situated close to Hululu waterfalls.

Amani Nature Reserve

Located in the North Eastern corner of Tanzania within the Tanga Region. It is renowned as one of the 25
Biodiversity hotspots in the world. Amani is home to many rare and threatened floras. More than 340 bird species have been recorded in The Amani Nature Reserve. including the Usambara Eagle owl, Usambara weaver and the Amani Sunbird. Eco tourists can find chameleons, snakes, the legless frog, butterflies and other insects.

Amani has three big waterfalls, excellent picnic sites, two camp sites and 9 visitor trails.

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