ARP Travel Group Launches “Rafiki Explorer Club” for children

RafikiExplorerClub05ARP Travel Group (East Africa) is excited to launch their new interactive children’s club. Created following many years of providing memorable experiences for family travel including multigenerational travel. This is an exciting new product that will allow each child travelling with either Pollmans Tours & Safaris (Kenya) or Ranger Safaris (Tanzania) to learn more about the destination, people, landscapes, birdlife, plantlife and wildlife. Learning through fun interactive experiences whether in a vehicle or at the Serengeti Explorer Camp.

“Rafiki Explorer Club” is a great way to involve children ages 6 to 15 in their African safari. Children receive our specially designed explorer pack filled with extras including a personalised 24 page activity book. Two exclusive books were developed with younger and older explorers in mind. Driver/guides (where applicable) are experienced with interacting with younger travellers to involve and educate them during the safari. All family itineraries are designed with younger travellers in mind. No more “Are we there yet?” as the journey becomes a part of the overall immersive experience.

The experience continues with an exclusive “members only” website for Rafiki Explorer Club travellers with more fun puzzles, activities, destination facts and some of the great sounds of the safari available to listen to. Children are encouraged to interact with “Rafiki” by sharing their wildlife photos, stories and experiences.

Membership to Rafiki Explorer Club is open to all children travelling with Ranger Safaris and Pollman’s Tours & Safaris. Children staying at Serengeti Explorer Camp automatically become members. For details, contact or Alpha Travel

Become a part of the exciting new Rafiki Explorer Club and continue to remain in touch with Africa long after you leave!

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Learning through fun! Educational experiences as children interact closely with specially trained guides to understand about conservation, wildlife movement, plant life, bird-life and local culture. This is all complimented with an activity book that provides learning opportunities. Ensure your child’s experience is memorable and long lasting with a trip to Africa and their enrollment on the Rafiki Explorer Club